Random Arma Bullshittery (part 7)

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 · Category Gaming; Suggested by SME Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone (Audio) Song Danger Zone; Artist Kenny Loggins; Album 17 Again: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackAuthor: SovietWomble.
But of course, the game itself is not the issue tho. The hard part of getting into Arma games is finding a community as good as this. You can spend hours playing Arma 3 in random games and never have as much fun as these guys have on a 2 hour session. It's a game where most of the fun is built by the players themselves, not the devs.
I miss being able to binge watch all of Womble's videos. I wish I could wipe the memory of all of his videos so I could watch them all again. Then I'd wipe my memory again so I'd forget about Cyanide.
Soviet has actually done a really fantastic job using adobe premiere and after effects. Top tier quality as always Soviet, you will soon earn a patreon sub!
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 · This is a re upload for soviet wombles Dayz Bullshittery episode 12 that has had a copyrighted audio track even if it was under fair use. Thank user Golbs from the soviet womble subreddit for providing a site with a video that I was able to rip. I will be removing this if soivetwomble requests its deletion Edit this is the share link.
Just a heads up to Soviet, 'Random DayZ Bullshittery' Part 7 has adverts enabled on it. Misc. Pretty much explained it all in the title. How come Arma 3 Bullshittery Part 8 was deleted? I can't find it on YouTube anymore, and I don
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